Elk Reike Tote Bag

Elk Reike Tote Bag

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- Hole shaped pattern detail
- Raw leather finish
- Statement handbag

Made from raw, washed cow hide. This bag is thick and sturdy, perfect for everyday use. The Reika Tote has a small internal zipped pouch to keep your small valuables secure.

They utilise specialised tanning techniques using predominantly vegetable or semi vegetable dyes to create what has become a signature Elk look. The finishes are natural, and colours and hues are inspired by nature.


To maintain the beauty of your ELK bag we recommend protective sprays and using a good quality leather conditioner to treat the product, which will increase its longevity. Do not put leather pieces on the ground or rub against abrasive surfaces. Leather is a natural material and will wear with age and use. Our best advice is to select the appropriate design and size bag for its intended use. Smaller bags are not designed to carry heavy our bulky loads - make the right choice for the right purpose.

size- 50 x 1 x 36cms.